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About The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies
Incorporated in September 2002, CHKLC is a non-profit organization serving listed companies and other industry bodies in Hong Kong. The Chamber strives to promote sound corporate governance; function as an effective communication channel between listed companies and regulatory authorities; strengthen the linkage and foster cooperation among listed companies from Hong Kong and China and uphold Hong Kong’s position as an international financial and capital formation centre. Since 2007, the Chamber organises the annual “Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards” jointly with the Hong Kong Baptist University to advocate best practices of corporate governance and recognize excellence.

Objectives of the Chamber:

1. To strengthen the commercial linkage among listed companies in Hong Kong;
2. To foster co-operation among listed companies from Hong Kong, China and other countries;
3. To protect the interests of investors;
4. To promote sound corporate governance;
5. To enhance communications between listed companies and the relevant regulatory authorities;
6. To ensure effective operations of the local securities market;
7. To uphold Hong Kong's position as an international trade, commercial and financial centre.

Further details can be found in the Chamber's Articles of Association.



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