Seminar / Workshop
17/09/20092nd Annual Listed Companies Conference 2009
18/06/2009In-house luncheon seminar on "An Introducing to Corporate Sustainability" Reporting"
29/04/2009In-house luncheon seminar on "Purchase Price and the Sales and Purchase Agreement - An Accounting Perspective"
02/04/2009Seminar on "The Latest Development of China Transfer Pricing: Legal Framework and Practices"
18/03/2009 & 1,15,29/04/2009Seminar on "Senior Executive Training Programme - Enterprise Risk Management"
17/11/2008In-house luncheon seminar on "Managing Financial Instruments: Financial Reporting and Risk Management"
06/11/2008In-house luncheon seminar on "Managing Crisis in Real"
09/09/2008First Annual Listed Companies : Corporate Governance Conference 2008
26/06/2008In-house luncheon seminar on "Impact of Sub-prime on Risk Exposure for Listed Companies"
23/05/2008Seminar on "Forensic Accounting: Vaccinate Your Company Against Fraud"