Seminar / Workshop
11 Mar 2015Seminar on Investor Relations Work in the Mainland
28 Jan 2015Seminar on "Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Updates"
22/04/2010Seminar on "Circular 698-A Fundamental Shift in Off-Shore Equity Transactions Tax Treatment in China"
15/04/2010In-house lunchoen seminar on "Acquisition of Mineral Properties for HK Listed Companies"
25/03/2010Joint Briefing by FSTB and HKMA - Seminar on "RMB Bond Issuance: Implications for Hong Kong Listed Companies and Arrangements"
15/03/2010Seminar on "M&A Transaction Trends for Hong Kong Listed Companies"
08/02/2010In-house luncheon seminar on "Global Economic Market for 2010"
08/12/2009In-house luncheon seminar on "Spin-off Opportunities in China Stock Market for Hong Kong Listed Companies"
29/10/2009In-house luncheon seminar on "The Importance of Property Valuation and Related Regulatory Requirements in Hong Kong and China"
15/10/2009In-house luncheon seminar on "What Makes a Great Board? - the Who?, the What?, and the How?"